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Pads at the Border

Pads at the Border

As our case manager Lulu walked ⏤ among the hundreds of people living on the streets hoping to cross into America ⏤ she asked them what they needed most. The women were quick to answer: “Menstrual pads and underwear.”

For women and girls uprooted from their normal lives, many of whom carry just one bag with all their belongings, menstruation is a monthly nightmare.

They don’t have the money to purchase supplied or even a private place to wash and dry underwear or dispose of used items. Some have only one or two pairs of underwear and are lucky to find an open drainage ditch to wash them in.

You can help through our new program, Pads and Vitamins at the Border.

A $3 donation buys underwear or a box of sanitary supplies. For $30 a month, you can help 10 women get through this nightmare, with dignity.


Your generosity helps our effort immensely.

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