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Lucia's Dreams

Lucia: a brave girl with dreams to help others

Lucia’s parents were Mexican migrants who moved to Tijuana to find work at the border. Amidst dire conditions, her father began drinking and became physically and verbally abusive to Lucia and her mother. The day Lucia’s father tried to molest her, Lucia and her mother left.

This brought another kind of hardship — financial — and as soon as she was able, Lucia began to work to help her mother. Life was painful as they survived on the bare minimum, but Lucia discovered music and joined the a href=”https://just1atatime.org/portfolio/the-childrens-orchestra/” target=”_blank”> Ron Wakefield’s orchestra. She loved the clarinet and found new hope.

Sadly, another relative moved in, and the relative’s partner began to approach Lucia sexually. Lucia saw no choice but to leave home for good.

Lucia now works in a market ten hours a day and does not have time for her music. Still, she dreams of going to university and becoming a children’s psychologist. Although she still fears her father’s words that she is a “dummy,” Lucia has another voice telling her that she can succeed if she makes it to university.

Lucia, now 18, is courageous and spunky; she has the intelligence and determination to succeed.


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