Just 1 at a Time

Backpacks at the Border

Much more than food is needed to survive the devastating situations migrants face at the border. We need resilience, hope, and new visions to help carry us through.

And so, we are also helping migrants carry things literally. In partnership with Little Mercies, Backpacks at the Border is our joint initiative to confront the daily reality of many refugee children who have nothing more than the clothes on their backs.

Little Mercies has already provided nearly three thousand backpacks filled with essentials and comfort items for these youthful souls living in shelters. Just one pair of shoes can make a difference. Just one toothbrush and tube of toothpaste can make a difference. Just one pack of crayons can make a difference.

We embrace Little Mercies’ description of this as creating “channels for simple kindness and distribution of essentials to ease the suffering of children living in the world’s harshest life conditions.”

Click HERE for a sample of how we fill our backpacks for distribution.


As the U.S.-Mexico border is closed⏤now for political and pandemic reasons⏤we ask that you support this initiative, for the time being, with the generosity of your financial contributions.

Once either or both of these circumstances eases and the border reopens, we will continue with requests for material support.


Your generosity helps our effort immensely.

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