Just 1 at a Time

Pandemic Response

The refugee camps in Tijuana, already in crisis, now face alarming and potentially dire shortages. Essential goods such as food and propane are rapidly shrinking in the absence of support for an organized response to the COVID-19 pandemic. American donations, which were the primary source of feeding the people in the shelters, have ceased.

The U.S. economy is plummeting and the future is uncertain. However, the migrant population on the border is, in so many ways, hit even harder than we are. We cannot help every one of our brothers and sisters – but we CAN help.

One Story at a Time and Little Mercies are combining forces for the next several months to continue to meet some of the immediate and essential needs of these extremely vulnerable refugees. Collectively, we are working to keep a number of shelters going (at least seven in Tijuana and three in Mexicali), helping adults and children survive the pandemic and live to build the safe and wholesome lives they have been fighting so hard to realize.

We ask for your help.

Would you stand with One Story at a Time and Little Mercies with a monthly gift of $10, $25, or $50 for the next six months? If able, please consider partnering with us by giving a larger one-time gift of $1,000 or more. Your donation will go directly to the shelters to purchase food, propane, medicine, masks, and other basic necessities that have all but been eliminated as a result of this devastating health crisis.

We are all part of the human family, some of us with the ability to help others during this unprecedented time. We wholeheartedly thank you for your support of the migrant population in this way.

With gratitude and hope,

One Story and Little Mercies


Your generosity helps this effort immensely.

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